We’re not racists, but….

Last week, I was going somewhere by taxi, and suddenly the taxi driver started to complain about a dark skinned policeman that was helping out the traffic jam. In his opinion, he was not eligible to do that work, since the country he came from does not have traffic jams. I’m guessing that my taxi driver was imagining the young policeman running wildly in the middle of lions and elephants.
The point in this is not that my taxi driver likes to discriminate based on the color of the skin. Comparing to what I have heard in the past, this one was an extremely soft comment.
My point is when did it start to be ok to just share your prejudice with a complete unknown?  Does the color of my skin make me automatically part of some private club, where it is acceptable to say those comments, just as a joke. And most important how do I get out?

We’re not racists, right?….BUT



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