Are Parents Crazy?

Last week I went to my daugher’s meeting to kick off the new year at kindergarten. They are actually quite amusing and we always do a neat activity to share with our kids. It’s also a great time to meet other parents. I’m not part of the Mummy’s Club. I get along fine with them, but hanging out all the time, visiting each others and swapping recipes is not my thing.

There are also a few of them that I actually think they are a bit crazy. Here go some questions that were done in this and past meetings:

– My son is always thirsty. After I pick him up, I go to the park and he always asks me for water. Do you give him water? ( hmmmmm NO! There is a plot against providing water to kids. )

– My daughter is not going to ballet because last year it was not ballet but some esoteric stuff. (It’s true, I didn’t see their 2-year-old dance the Swan Lake. Pstt Pstt, they are also not becoming Michael Phelps on their swimming lessons. I’m just saying…)

– Why are we always buying new stuff to bring to school? What do you do with the pens and pencils from last year? The other teachers from this school give back what’s left. (Cross my heart and hope to die, I’ve seen the teacher selling the pens in the Flea Market on Saturdays.)

PArents are crazy, but some take it to the next level. I feel sorry for the teacher that has to listen to this kind of bullshit. I’ve taught kids older than mine, and the hardest part was the parents’ meeting. They just assumed that because it was a private school, they owned all of it, including teachers. That attitude passed to the kids. Once I had a kid that told me that his parents’ paid my salary. I corrected him and said that was my school’s name on the paycheck. WTH?!

Parent behave! Teachers have hearts (and most of them kids as well) and they know what they are doing ( hopefully the most part of them).




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