Gym Day 1

Today was my first day at the new gym and I feel like a champion. I didn’t pass out!

On my last gym, that first day was quite memorable. I was doing a class where it was only for legs. No music, no dance moves, nothing. I didn’t last 15 minutes. I had to lie down on the floor and the trainer had to grab a glass of water and sugar. It was a great day, where everybody learned my name. I was amazed that I even came back on the following day.

But today I was able to stand my ground and lasted the entire class. It was only the introductory class, where the Personal Trainer does a bunch of tests to ensure that you won’t drop dead in the middle of their shifts and then showed me how to use the machines. Nonetheless I tested all of the machines and I was able to speak afterwards!

Ahhhhh I feel great. I’m just trying to forget that the trainer told me that my body is actually 8 years older than me. Today I don’t care 😀



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