Sabbatical Year

A year ago I quit my job due to irreconcilable differences and since then I’m on what I call my Sabbatical Year from team management. It turns out I hate not being able to manage stuff. Right now the only thing that I get a say is how I decorate my desk. And by all means I’m taking advantage of that. My desk looks like I’m selling bric-a-bracs.

I’m also doing something that I hate. I make rich people become richer, while I stay exactly the same. It’s a very rewarding feeling…..

On the upside, I have friends at work! Which is great and didn’t happen often on my last job. 🙂


I’m constantly checking the job ads to see if I find anything but no one wants me. I also have no idea what I really want to do. I would quit in a second without any backup if I knew what to fight for.


How do we find our passion?


Help me out on this one

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