Lay here with me and forget the world

It took me a while to start to write about today’s topic in Daily Post (Pay It Forward). I don’t think that kindness needs to be repaid in any way.


I don’t think that we live on a kind society.

Everyday I am confronted with ego centric people who think that they will never need any kind of help.

Where I live it’s amazing when we have good sidewalks to walk in. The ones that we have, are full of cars parked there, because people just wanted to be closer to the door. They forget that there are people with disabilities or just with simple strollers.

We find it great when building have special stairs for people with disabilities, because it isn’t the rule here.

We refuse to use the trash cans because they are more than 20 steps away from us and complain that the people in charge don’t put enough trash bins in the city.

Some years ago I was robbed in daylight by a group of teenagers. People passed by car and walking, and no one stopped to help when I was being beaten up.

When I admitted to the hospital due to food poisoning I had an allergic reaction to the medicine they gave me. I started to have heart problems when I was in gurney in the hall and yelled for help. A nurse came by and told me to shut up because I was scaring the other patients. She didn’t even ask what was wrong. I was lucky enough that a doctor passed by and realized what was happening.

When I was 40 weeks pregnant I went to the doctor to renew my leave of absence. It was the first time that I used my pregnant get- out-of- the- queue card. I got yelled by an old man who complained that I was perfectly fine to wait the whole day. When I said I was pregnant, he told me that I didn’t show and for my information pregnancy was not a disease.

Today I was waiting in line in IKEA and there were people arguing in the priority queue next to me, trying to win the conquest of who is in worse state to go in front of everyone. I’m not sure who won, the pregnant woman or the woman who had had a stroke.

When my company started a campaign to help the refugees, the majority of my colleagues refused to help because we need to take care of ourselves first and the foreigners after. Nevermind that they never even helped anyone, Portuguese or not.

This was what I thought when I saw the prompt for kindness. I realize this should have been a happy post, reminding that there is good everywhere. Sometimes I find it hard to believe . Today I don’t see it. But I will soon. And I will then write a new post with all of the kindness that I know happens all around me. But today this is it.

kindness end


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