I’ve never wondered about this before becoming a mother, but the stories and music for children are rather disturbing.

People are always worried about the video games that teenagers are playing or the movies they are watching. They worry that it will made them go crazy and start shooting up everyone. Well,Marilyn Manson has got nothing on these portuguese songs:

Atirei o Pau ao Gato – I threw the stick to the cat

“I threw the stick to the cat but the cat did not die

Mrs. Chica scared off with the scream of the cat MEOW!”

Obviously we have to try again to kill the cat properly.

Sebastião come tudo – Sebastion eats everything

“Sebastian eats everything, everything, everything

Sebastian eats everything without the spoon

Sebastian then gets a huge fat belly

And beats up his wife”

I’m still trying to make sense of this one. But probably Sebastian was feeling down because he got fat, and what better way to release the stress than to beat up his wife?

And what about the stories? When I’m telling my daughter the story of the Little Red Hood,I end up putting the grandma on a closet because the wolf wanted cake.

I also had seconds thought on telling my daughter that Snow White died and then 7 dwarves decided to put her corpse on display in the middle of the forest. Then a strange man finds her and thought it would be a good idea to kiss a dead woman,just because she’s pretty.

Remember Hansel and Grettel?The Parents decided to abandon their kids on the forest because they were so poor.

These were the stories and music that we grew up hearing and nothing bad has become of it. AS a mother I struggle to do the same to my kid. I try to protect her from the bad parts. But I shouldn’t need to worry. It is my adult mind that makes me understand the stories this way. Kids just take it as it is.


In response to the question in Daily Post – When Childhood Ends


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