Gym is tiring

Last week was a week to forget. I’m not sure I was down because I became a year older or if it was just some Autumn tiredness. I get like that sometimes. But this week I’m trying to return to my usual self. And also to my skinnier self, so I went again to the gym (I’m not going to win any golden star for my attendance record).

I went to some machines and just watched some News on the TV, while doing the exercises. I like to pretend that I actually care about the stock market fluctuation, as I work in that field. I don’t give a rat’s arse actually, but that’s for another post altogether.

After sweating for a while, I went to a class. It was all about localized work. I started off great. Even better than some of my classmates. And then I felt dizzy and had to stop. I sat down on the floor with the bottle of water in my hand wishing that no one noticed me. I’m not sure if they did at first, but after the trainer got next to me to help me, it was a sure thing.

I rested for about 5 minutes and started to do the exercises slowly again. I was able to finish the workout and I felt really proud.

I woke up the next day almost not able to move myself. That was 2 days ago. Today my legs still hurt a lot. I was thinking of going again tomorrow to do some Pilates, but I think that if I go, someone will have to help me to get out of some positions.

There is a thin line that separates persistance and pure humiliation.



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