The risky business of raising a child

Last week I read an article about Portugal being on the European top ten of least autonomous children. The article basically said that we are raising our children in such a protective way that they end up turning into dependent adults.

As a mother and portuguese also, I can relate to this. I grew up so freely and now I’m scared that my daughter as the same. At age 6, I went alone to school by foot. It was in the middle of nowhere and I would meet my friends on the way there. After school I stayed in the streets playing with my friends. I would get home a bit before dinner time, because I knew that my parents were already home from work.

I think of that today and I could never do the same as a mother. It is true that we now live in a city and when I was a kid I was in a small village. It were also different times. But nevertheless I don’t think that I would be able to be that carefree. And I should!

One day my daughter will need to do something on her own,and she might struggle, because I was always there to help her.

There are some aspects where I need to grow as a mother.

I need to teach her more and do her things myself less.

I need to let her play, run and fall more.

I need to encourage her to spend more time with her friends without depending on us to tell her how to have fun.

There are so many things and each and every single one of them are so scary.

Today my daughter went to her first swimming lesson with her school buddies. It’s a start right?

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