There goes my hero, Watch him as he goes!

Whenever I have to be at work at 7 AM, I take it as a huge effort from my part to get up and get ready so early. I don’t even eat breakfast because I know that I will probably fall asleep. So I drink my coffee, get dressed and try to find my car in the parking lot without using a flashlight.

I sit in the driver’s place and try to find the courage to use the key. Then I look around and see people running ( or jogging… I don’t actually know the difference). Who the hell gets up at 6 AM to run?! I can barely open my eyes, but there they are, running around happily.

If people find the will to do this, I think they can do everything. They are my heroes. Now I need to go get another cup of coffee because I am still not awake.

Running in the morning


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