Me and The Little Mermaid

My daughter new addition is the Little Mermaid. I read her the book last week, and since then, it’s become her new routine. Move over Elsa and Anna, Ariel is here to stay.

I remember that I used to love that movie as well when I was a kid. On that time, Disney movies would be dubbed to Brazilian Portuguese. So that’s the only version of the Little Mermaid that I can abide.

Seeing this story with adult eyes raises a lot of issues in a daughter’s education:

– Cover yourself Ariel and please put the shells correctly in place.

– She constantly disobeys her father. How are we suppose to tell our kids that they have to do as they are told? At least when it comes to safety!

– All of her sisters have different hair and tail colours. That’s a busy king right there!

– She sees a two-legged man for the first time and she falls in love?! And we are supposed to teach our children that it’s what is inside that counts. He didn’t even speak!!

– The reprise part of the “Part of your world”song in Brazilian Version. It goes like this: “I don’t know how to explain it, but something started today. I just know that I am going to belong to you!”. Please don’t teach daughters that they are going to belong to a man. You belong to yourself dear!

– Ursula wants her voice in exchange for her legs. Also if Ariel cannot make Eric fall in love with her, she will be forever Ursula’s. Nevermind her family, friends and ability to speak. Let’s give that up for a guy! One that needs to love you by looks only as well!

– Eric really is a match for Ariel. He falls in love with her instantly. And they didn’t have to speak. unfortunately he also does that for Vanessa, that is actually Ursula in disguise. He basically falls head over heals for pretty ladies. Not a very bright future for Ariel. There are plenty of fish in sea, my dear.

I’m anxious to know what her next Disney movie she will become addicted. Praying that she won’t chose Beauty and the Beast…….



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