The Haunted Mansion of Mango

I was doing some shopping on the Mango Online website and was wondering if the working conditions for the models are ok there. Are they being paid and treated nicely there?

I wonder…..Because they all look extremely pissed! The clothes don’t seem to be fitting well and they seem that they hate it. The ones that don’t look angry, seem they have been sleep deprived for some days now.

Usually I see the models wearing the clothes I like and hope that I will look like them.

In this case, I’m actually afraid that if I buy these clothes I end up looking like they are.No Mango Online for me. If I want these clothes,I’m going to the shop where the models are lifeless headless figures but we know they’re only dummies!

mango mango 2 53088802_CG_D7

I really don’t understand fashion!


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