Time Management

Some time ago, I went to a training that was supposed to teach us about Time Management. These kind of training are a regular event on my line of work. It appears that our bosses are always concerned that we are not managing our time properly. It doesn’t occur to them that it might be the amount of work and the priorities given to each and every single one of the tasks that might be the issue here.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this training. It was nothing new, but the trainer was so charismatic that it really got me thinking. I’ll give you some notions that she passed on to us:

  • Time Management does not exist. We don’t manage time. We manage what we do with the time that we have.
  • Time is Democratic. We all get the same 24h. So stop saying that you have less time than the guy next to you, because you have the same. We all have time. Stop using excuses.
  • Time is not money. Actually if you give someone money, you may expect to have it back sometime. Time cannot be returned. Once it is spent, that’s it. It’s lost.
  • Learn on the manage what you do with the time that you have by dividing things to do by Urgency and Importance.

time management

  • Say NO. We need to learn to say No or Not now to things that are not a priority, according to what you learned  in the previous bullet point.
  • Control the Time Thieves. Emails, phones, Social Media and colleagues always asking things.

time thiefs

Some of these things I find it hard to do in the position I am now. I don’t control my agenda nor the prioritization that is given to tasks. I wish I could, but I don’t.  She also gave us a lot of great advises that were simple things, like cleaning your desk at the end of the day, that we can put into practice with little effort.

time managem


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