The Joys of Motherhood part 3

Yesterday my daughter started a tantrum right after her bath. She starts yelling, crying her lungs out, kicking everything. My boyfriend tries to understand what happened and she yells at him to leave her alone, because she is sick of him. I try my best and I get a “Get out of my room Mum!”.

We leave her to cry in her room, trying to figure out what exactly started off all of this. About an hour later I go to her room again and realise that she is now calmer. I sit down with her and she hugs me. Then she softly explains why she was so upset. She wanted a stuffed animal that was on a shelf that she couldn’t reach and we weren’t giving it to her. I explained that if she doesn’t ask us or at least point in the direction of what she wants, we won’t understand. She quietly replies that she understands and that she is so sorry for the tantrum.


She’s usually a very sweet kid. I’m worried that she might be like a Gremlin. She cannot get wet otherwise she transforms herself.



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