A shoe is not only a shoe

I love high heels. When I wear them it’s like I transform in a powerful sexy woman. Unfortunately I stopped using socially when I had a kid. It becomes a hazard to walk around with those things. And afterwards, I stopped using them professionally because I changed jobs and I felt that I had to accept that I was not in charge anymore. So the way to remain quiet on my little space was to diminish myself. I stopped wearing high heels, because every time I wore them I felt the need to organize the tasks and yell with my boss for not doing anything the whole day.

So I bought those small ballerina shoes and wear them all the time. I feel like a small kid.

This week I decided that my hibernation state was over, and I took my high heels from the closet, cleaned them and wore them. It feels like me again. I’m back.

Now I just need to decide where to go next with my high heels on. Probably not far, because the pain will be excruciating.





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