Gym Week 3

Congratulations are in order! I’ve been going to the gym regularly. Well twice a week…but still! YEAH ME!

Yesterday I went to a cycle class and I thought I would die there. It’s wasn’t because of the physical effort. That was fine. But everything else was crazy.

The music was so loud I could barely think.

The trainer yelled so much I thought she was having a seizure and she needed our help.

She also wasn’t aware that if she has a microphone on, she probably shouldn’t be near a loud-speaker. The screeching noises from the Audio feedback don’t make me pedal faster.

So, I left there feeling like my ears were bleeding. Next time I will try another trainer or just ride a bike outside!

Since becoming a regular attendant of the gym I noticed a strange phenomenon. All of the people there are friends! They go to the same classes, they are Facebook buddies and they are all into the healthy business.

I feel like the intruder there. Which is fine, I don’t mind. But how the hell so many people have time to go to that many classes per week, and at 11 AM?! There are not so many people unemployed that can actually afford the gym, not with part-time jobs….or are they?

exercise calvin


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