National Crime

I get extremely angry when I hear people saying that someone who it is a crime that someone who lives in an apartment adopts a dog. Here in Portugal, people repeat this until exhaustion. I’m not sure if it is the same in other places.

First of all…. A CRIME? Really?! People are getting killed, children are being abused, but having a dog perfectly happy in a small place is a crime?!

If you live in Lisbon, unless you’re rich, you don’t live in a house, you live in an apartment. The closest to the downtown, the smaller it gets. This means that almost everyone that lives in Lisbon is committing a crime to have an animal.

So far, from the 1st of January this year and 17 of August we already had 7937 dogs abandoned in Help centers and kennels. We are not counting the beautiful practice that we have here that is to leave animals by the roads while driving off in your car with your lovely family.

If we think about this, we get the enormity that is happening. It’s about 21 per day that are being abandoned. And we are only talking about dogs now, but let’s not forget all of the other animals.

I live in an apartment and I have a medium dog. She was abandoned and I adopted her. I think that I am better than not having a family nor a safe home, even if I don’t own a garden. My dog probably goes to walks more often than the posh ones that actually live in houses. My dog sleeps in her little bed next to the kitchen, sheltered of the cold. She is loved everyday by my family and is treated as a big sister to my daughter.

Caring has nothing to do with owning a big house. Love has nothing to do with having a garden.

Stop Preaching in the name of animals! You’re actually barking to the wrong doors.

(I apologize for the pissed off rambling. I just get extremely upset.)


8 thoughts on “National Crime

    • That’s what I think. It’s not a general opinion here, unfortunately. I’ve been accused of being a bad animal’s lover. If I really loved animals, I wouldn’t have my dog. And by the way I have a big balcony. Nevertheless I needed a big house with a garden apparently.

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