The Pack of Parents

When I’m waiting to pick up my kid in Kindergarten, I spend the time observing the others parents (instead of doing what they actually do that is to check what the kids ate at lunchtime, so we don’t repeat at dinnertime).

Apart from the Hello, How are you and a smile ,I don’t socialize much with them. It’s like they are from an exotic species and I’m only me.

After much research I’ve been able to differentiate some tribes there:

Intense Parents – They want to know every little thing that their kid did at school. They participate in everything. And know the whole curricular program from start to finish. I used to think that they were mostly unemployed or self-employed so they could arrange time to do this stuff. Recently I found out that some of these annoying mothers (only the mothers do this) are actually nurses and lawyers. I work on a 9 to 6 job and still find myself too tired to do the stupid homework that they give to 3 years old.

Rich and fabulous Parents – “I am the one who pay your salary so you need to provide my kid with proper education. It’s your fault that he is…. (insert nasty adjective here)!

Organic Parents – “ I don’t want my child to eat any kind of animal food nor anything that was once alive. Please feed my kid with sunlight and smiles. What you don’t have that?! This school sucks. I’m taking my kid out of here.”

Over Relaxed Parents – The kids are fine, the world’s fine, everything’s fine. The school forgot one kid in a bus? it’s fine.


Distracted Parents – Always late to deliver the kids papers or to provide information to the teachers. Also forget what the kid had brought to school, such as jacket, backpacks, toys. Whatever!

The Annoying Parents – Always complaining about everything. Their kids are always the one who suffer whatever indignity that may have occurred. They don’t like the teachers, the refectory , the patio, but still keep on taking their kids to that school everyday. But still complain about that…

The Friendly Parents – they form groups of friends with everyone there. They know the teachers’ personal life and probably phone them everyday just to know how their day went. They love to hang out with the other parents and share recipes, activities that they do with their kids, I don’t know what else. They are oh so friendly that it irritates!

I am most definitely part of the Distracted Parents. I am still to deliver photos from my daughter to her teacher. She asked me on the very first day of school…..2 years ago.



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