Portuguese Sayings

The other day I was speaking with a Croatian friend of mine about strange things that the portuguese people say, that make no sense whatsoever when translated. She tried to find similar saying in Croatian but she didn’t remember any.

Here are some examples that I actually use almost daily:

  • a Person that is extremely sexy is “Good as Corn”.


  • When someone is constantly repeating the same things over and over again, he actually “turns the record and plays the same song” – This one actually makes sense.
  • When we just do something to show off, we do it “for the English to see it”.
  • When someone is shameless, he has “a rotten face” or he “is full of cans”.
  • To say to the person who is asking us to do something, to not count on it, is to “Take the little horse from the rain”.


  • To tell someone to get out of here is to tell them to go “Comb monkeys

comb monkeys

  • A portuguese person does not die, he “goes off with the pigs
  • When we have a lot of experience doing something, we “have many years turning chickens

virar frangos

  • When we are upset we “are with the olive oil
  • When we are screwed we are “done like a beef”.
  • If we are suspicious we “have fleas behind our ears


  • When you are full of yourself you are “armed in a racing mackerel


  • To relax yourself and have fun, you “release you chicken

These are some that I can remember. Do you have similar sayings in your languages?



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