Inner Fears



For me there is nothing scarier that being having a good moment in life. My daughter is great, she’s well at school and at home. She’s so sweet and good at heart, despite having a bad temper sometimes (which is actually quite normal considering her parents…). I love my boyfriend and we get along great most of the times. My parents are in good health and have an active life. My brother is doing fine. My dog’s good. I’m also good. I don’t like my job but it’s not affecting my life to a point that I really really need to change.

Everything’s great actually.

So I live in fear of those little moments that can change our life forever. Everyday I try to relax and repeat to myself that changes are inevitable and we need to make the best of them.

Sometimes it works, Sometimes it doesn’t. I’m working on trying to make it work everyday. When you have so much to lose, it’s hard not to be scared everyday.

How do you do it?



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