Last week a friend of mine got upset at work because some colleagues were speaking about religion. She is very religious and doesn’t like when people say that they don’t believe that Jesus Christ existed. She gets personally affected when people say stuff like there is no proof and that Science tells us that Religion might be a Scam.

I understand and respect her opinion, but I don’t believe that people should avoid giving their opinion about something just because another person strongly believes the opposite. And that’s where I think she did wrong. She has no right to ask them to shut up, because they were not offending anyone. Everyone is free to disagree, and religion shouldn’t be a Tabu. In her opinion, there are some issues that shouldn’t be discussed at work. I am slightly inclined to agree, however, if people get along fine and if the environment is good, why not?

I am not religious. Not yet at least. There are too many thoughts in my mind to be able to accept that there is a higher force out there. My boyfriend would tell me that some of my comments are offensive to religious people (but hey my boyfriend thinks that most of my comments are offensive). I don’t think so, but really I am not offending people who do believe. I rant about people who are disguised as religious. They go to church so that other people can see them and are usually preaching against something because the Bible says so. They have never read the Bible, and their interpretation of it comes from their own narrow-minded brains. They are the ones that are last to help their next door neighbor, but would give their wallet at church if anyone was a spectator of that grand gesture. They become offended if someone doesn’t marry and live together, or have kids without being married, but are unable to explain why that is actually important. They are the first to point their finger at someone, however for the people who actually don’t know them quite well, they are generous good-natured people. They think that being a good Christian is going to Church every Sunday ( you cannot go any other day because there wouldn’t be enough people there to see it), but they can’t seem to realize that believing in God has nothing to do with going to a building to pray or listen to the word of God. They also think that if they suffer long enough, God will see how good people they are and give them what they are asking for.

You can listen to His word everywhere. He will probably speak louder.

So, no, I don’t think that I am offending religious people. I’m only offending this specific group of people, because I hate hypocrisy.

I am not religious but I do understand the belief, in whatever God from whatever religion. My friend believes it. It gives her hope and faith in Humankind. She’s great actually and a really good person and a big part of that comes from her belief.

I hope I am not offending any religious reader out there. It is only m opinion. And I might be wrong.

One day I hope to believe as well. But today I still can’t.


8 thoughts on “Faithless

  1. I am not religious either, but I do have a huge amount of respect for people who are, their belief in something that can’t be proved either way, is amazing.

    I would also say, religion and politics are two things which should never be discussed anywhere unless you want a massive debate

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    • I understand what you mean. I try not to give my opinion about those two topics much. Unless it’s with my boyfriend…poor fellow.
      I gather that we can’t really debate something when it’s about faith and belief. Either you do believe or you don’t. You won’t convince a person who has faith that there aren’t enough proofs out there, and you won’t convince a disbeliever that all we need is to believe in a greater God.
      In regards to Politics, I try not to comment on stuff I am clueless about. 🙂

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  2. I am a Christian. It is not just practising a religion but it is my sense of belief and I don’t begrudge people their opinions or disbelief. I respect their freewill as God respects ours as human beings. I may not agree over everything, that the other person has to offer but I will not base my judgement of others from just my view point. It is not my argument that convinces anyone to choose Christ but it is the Holy Spirit. I can only stir a heart if The Lord permits. It’s a bit immature to get all tied in knots over other peoples views as long as the boundaries of respect does not become an issue.

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