Blackwell Series

Following up on the previous post that I wrote about this:

I’ve finished the Blackwell Series! 😀 and they are good! I’ve really enjoyed them!


I can’t say.

That’s the issue that I had with the Blackwell Series. The graphics are terrible. I get the whole vintage thing, and I do prefer 2D graphics, even if they are crazy “pixelized” (I don’t think this is a word). But if this is such a recent game (the first one was released in 2006- It’s recent for me), you can do it better.

I mean…..

Blackwell 1

Come on!!

Moving on to the story. It’s good, complex enough for me, but not that much to keep me hanging onto the next game. I like how we got to understand the different relationships that Joey had with the different members of the Blackwell family.

At first I hated Rosangela, the main character, mainly because of the voice. She grew on me, but it not as much as her aunt Lauren. Lauren was great. I really enjoyed her complexity as a character. We get to see how this “job” gets to her. She losses all emotion and can’t feel anything anymore.

The puzzles are not difficult. I had to use a walk through to some, but it was mostly because of the “pixelized” absurdity of some scenes. I couldn’t actually see that there was something there to do.

Each game is really short, but nice enough to leave us satisfied. The ending was understandable and it made sense considering the development of the story.

All in all, I really liked it and I felt like I was playing an old adventure game. I was thinking that I would like it more than I actually did. But I can’t really put my finger on what didn’t go well.

I would really love to hear some opinions on this game. Still hoping to find someone to share these things. 🙂

Blackwell Legacy

blackwell Legacy

Blackwell Unbound

blackwell 2

Blackwell Convergence

Blacwell 3

Blackwell Deception     

Blackwell 4

Blackwell Epiphany



3 thoughts on “Blackwell Series

  1. I loved the blackwell series. I have been playing it since it first came out and recently found out they had realised the fourth one. I hated the ending of it as it made me fairly sad.

    But I loved them and often go back to play them. If you enjoyed them and haven’t played it Can I reccomend the monkey island series

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