Smile and Wave

I’m not sure why I get upset with some attitudes that my boyfriend has at work. It has nothing to do with me; I understand why he is doing it and the reason why he is so fed up. But every time he behaves like a stubborn kid, I get upset and try to make him snap out of it.

I’m not sure why I do this. I only end up being mad at him, and probably him at me, because it seems that I don’t sympathize with him. I do, but I can’t say “Yes Love” just because that’s what he needs to hear at the moment. I try to make him realize that even if I do understand his reasons to be angry at something or someone, it doesn’t make it alright to behave a certain way.

I always do this, not only with my boyfriend. I get upset when people are saying things that are unfair or just plain stupid.

I have a work colleague that her daily task is to complain about how our work is like slavery. She goes on and on about how she works a lot every day and she doesn’t get enough credit and that slavery is illegal. Really?! I get upset just by repeating this. We get paid always on time, and we earn more than what they usually pay in Bank back office in our country. We don’t do overtime, and if we do, we are always paid with money and extra days. We have the right to more holidays than the law states. We don’t have a lot of work, even if she says otherwise. If she has the time to shop online during her work time, she has free time.

So why does she keep on repeating this stupid unfair thing? Does she actually know what slavery is? I don’t. I have an idea and it sure has hell has nothing to do with this! But why do I care? Why do I fight her and we get into arguments because of this comments?

It gets tiring for me and probably for the other person as well. Why do I do this? Why can’t I just relax and leave people with their own opinion about stuff, even if I don’t agree and I know that I am right.

When it comes to my boyfriend I know why I do it. I love him and I think he is a good person. I don’t like it when he has a bad attitude with others, even if they are justified and if others are doing it to him. He shouldn’t repay in the same way, He is better than that. So I try to make him see that he is better than that. Because I care. That’s the reason.

With others…why do I get upset with this? I don’t really care about people who have those kind of opinions. I should just take it easy, relax and just realize that people have different opinions.

Accept this and live and let live. That should be my motto….right?

smile and wave


3 thoughts on “Smile and Wave

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  2. Love this!! Yes in order to be able to breathe in this world, you need to look at some people and just smile and wave. Let your anger, etc. just go away, for its not worth it! Good luck! LIfe really is much easier that way! I also love the movie your pic is from 🙂 What can I say, I love penguins 🙂 I started laughing as soon as I saw it knowing I had to read your post.

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