The Girl on the Train

I’ve finished the book “Girl on the train” and my advise after reading this book is:

Don’t buy a house near the train tracks. People are extremely noisy.

That being said, I have to say that I enjoyed the book. I wasn’t excepting it. Usually I don’t like Bestsellers books, as you can imagine after reading my post about “50 Shades of Gray”.

But since the main marketing for his book was that it was similar to “Gone Girl”, I had to read it. I absolutely loved “Gone Girl”. It was extremely unexpected, also because it was a bestseller.

Actually, I can’t say that I find many similarities with “Gone Girl”, without the obvious one that there is also a girl missing and the husband is treated mildly as a suspect.

I liked it, but it wasn’t that groundbreaking. I didn’t guess who the killer was until almost the end, so I don’t agree that it was all that predictable as I’ve read somewhere.

I barely empathized with Rachel, the main character. She sounded so childish for her age, that I had a hard time remembering that she was over 30.

Cathy, her roommate, must be the best person in the whole world to put up with that. I didn’t find this realistic as well. And since her character was never explored, I didn’t understand why she would be so nice to someone who leaves vomit on the doorway and just goes to sleep. SEVERAL TIMES!

Megan was written in a more relatable way. Since we were presented with her background story, we were able to understand a little bit more about what makes her act this way. But not much and not enough.

Her husband Scott is a mystery as well. He is aggressive and in some parts it looks like he is psychic (the scene with Rachel is just weird). But nothing else is given to the readers.

Tom and Anna are just plain annoying. Really, what do you excepted Anna?!

I enjoyed the book, but it’s nothing special really. I wouldn’t read it again. But it’s a nice plot and the little surprises that we have throughout our reading are good. The problem for me is the development of the characters. All of the them seem so immature and acted so stupid, for no good reason. I don’t mind that they are good or bad, but I need to understand them. And I couldn’t, because there was little explained for me to be able to.

Have you read it? What did you think?

girl on the train


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