I’ve been questioning myself in regards of work for a while now. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’ve changed jobs and that I hate what I do at the moment. It feels like a game to me. We deal with Millions of Millions, but we never see any money. It’s all virtual. It’s a crazy world for big players. Not for the common people, like me. I can’t seem to find a good side on this one. I deal with the banks of the rich people who want their rich business taken care of as fast as you can. I don’t even deal with clients. It’s banks talking with banks.

I feel that nothing good can come of this job and I need to feel that I’m doing something good as little as it may be.

So I to need to change. And I’ve been feeding for a while the idea of changing not only jobs but area. There are two areas that I was interested before going to university, which was Latin and Psychology. None of them is simple to find a job.

But what if I went back to university again and studied Psychology? It is something that I am most interested and it can be developed in various ways.

It’s scary to think of going back to school, with a kid, a job and already 30 years old. Sometimes I think, what for? I have a steady job and a good life. Really what for? Why change anything? Why spend 3 more years, at the minimum, studying? and then what?

And then I think….I can do better, I can be better. Shouldn’t this be what is really important?


12 thoughts on “Choices

  1. I would encourage you to go back to school! So many people are doing that now and there is nothing wrong with it. As we get older we know more about what we really want to do ! If you have a passion you feel for psychology than see what you can do to make it feasible. A LOT of classes are online now to help work around your schedule. I say this, but at same time I could not imagine going back to school. I don’t know how to study anymore. Tho granted I am taking a counseling course right now, for psychology/counseling has been one of my passions too. Tho I will admit my biggest one is to be a full time writer! I just love to write and help brighten some one else’s world!

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  2. If I go back, it will be with online classes. I can’t go back to classes as a regular student. It will be too exausting. I got to a point where I have to do things on my own pace.
    I feel so envious (in a good way) of you by knowing exactly what you want to become. Unfortunately, I don’t know what I really want to be when I grow up 🙂
    I’m just figuring out what I don’t want.
    Good luck for you on your studies and dreams 🙂

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