Gym Week 4

Technically it should be Week 5, but last week the only exercise that I did was driving my car through traffic.

Yesterday I went back to action and while I was on the elliptic bike trying to look half decent and not like someone who was dying of too much effort , I realized that I now belong to the group of people who go to the gym with make up on.

I always made fun of these women, who dress neatly, have a perfect make up and don’t break a sweat while doing the roughest of exercises. Now I am one of them. Well, truthfully, I dress like a slob with a big t-shirt and always black pants. I also look like I fell into a lake by being too drunk, why my red face and dripping hair. But, yeah I have my make up on!

Which actually makes it worse, because when I clean the sweat I smear my eye make up and end up looking like a clown….or worse:



NOTE TO SELF: Even though you go to the gym directly from work, you need to remember to remove your make up before you start your work out. You are not one of the cool girls!


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