King’s Quest VI or The Love story of Prince Boring

I’ve found a sale on the Series King’s Quest, so I’ve bought them all!

I have a vague recollection of playing King’s Quest VII, but never finishing it. So I’ve decided to play the whole series, starting by the VI, the one that has the highest praise.

First of all, the graphics are fine for a 1993 game. Sometimes I had to use a walk through because of some pixel hunting that I wasn’t able to see.

The Music is ok. Sometime it was annoying, but still better than most of the games from this time.

In terms of story, I can’t say that I am into this type of stories. It’s too prince and princess for me. Cassima is too nice and don’t even get me started on Prince Alexander. Even his goody two-shoes voice made me cringe. I like sarcastic and funny characters. These were none. I also didn’t like that women always needed to be saved. We can’t save ourselves. In the beginning it seems that Cassima had a plan, but nooooooo, she was depending on hero, the annoying Prince Alexander.

I did enjoy the classical stories that were inserted on the plotline such as Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland.

I would prefer to have speech AND subtitles. I’m not native English, so sometimes I would miss something from the dialogue (Mostly because I was almost falling asleep due to the boring speech of Alexander and Cassima).

Even though I am in favour that Prince Alexander dies, I don’t really like that we can die pretty much of everything. I know it’s a Sierra games thing, but it really affects the continuity of the story. There were some parts that I understood that it was dangerous and I could save beforehand. There were others that just annoyed the crap out of me. One time I died because I missed the step on the Isle of the Sacred Mountain. I wanted to go down, and because the game has those pixelized graphics I clicked on a thing that appeared to be a step. It wasn’t. Gimme a break. We have to save almost every time we do something.

I also don’t enjoy death ends. By this I mean, when you don’t do something a determined time or forget to pick up an object and then reach a point that you cannot go any further without that. Come on. If we don’t guess the correct lamp and we don’t have the mint leave (and there is nothing indicating that we should have. In fact, it took me a while to go into that cavern, in fear that I once again would die), we reach the very ending and you die. WTH!

I appreciated the fact that there are different endings and a short and a long path, but I actually liked to have known that I was doing a choice. I didn’t. My dress got burned, so no more choice for me. Here comes the long path.

The puzzles are ok. Not too hard and mostly logical. The timing puzzles were also ok. I don’t like them, but they were fine actually. Easy enough.

All in all I can’t seem to understand why this game is so well-considered. I found it entertaining and I will play the other games from the series. But nothing more.

King quest4

King quest

 King quest2


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