Try a little tenderness

The older I get, the less patience I have with some people.

I always thought that it would be the opposite. The older I would get the wiser I would become. And I would just shrug my shoulders and say whatever, with a small fake smile stuck to my face.

My reality today is that I just lose my patience whenever I see people with nasty attitudes. This doesn’t mean that I get into fights with them. I just scratch them out of my list of people who interest me, and move on. If they rub me the wrong way, I just ignore them from thereafter. I remain polite and respectful. But just don’t want to have anything to do with that person anymore. It’s like I have a Donald Trump sitting on my shoulders, and whenever someone is plain stupid to me, Trump gets ups and yells “You’re fired!”.

I just scratched a new name on the other day. We used to get along fine. Always joking around. And then she just yelled at me for no reason whatsoever….well I was probably being too annoying that early in the morning. But this is something that we always did to each other. She could just tell me to bugger off, as usual. I understand that she might be having a bad day or I was just too much for her. I’m used to bad temper. I have bad temper as well. But usually, after hitting someone without any reason, I try to apologize. She didn’t. She just stopped talking to me and since we work together, she has been really nasty to me work wise. When I was young I would dwell on what I had done that could justify this attitude and probably apologize for something that I didn’t know, just for that person to speak with me again. Now, she’s scratched for my list. And that’s that. No apologies and acting nasty. So why should I waste my time? I cannot trust her anymore.

This is getting to a point that I no longer have a list; I have a whole notebook scratched.

There is something that never leaves my mind, which is:

If everyone around you is crazy, you might be the crazy one.

Probably that is the problem. ME.


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