Blog Conscious

Before I ever wrote on my blog, I was already a regular attendant on several Portuguese blogs.

I used to read some of the most popular ones and then the ones that would make fun of these. The sole existence of these last ones was to purely satirize the posts from the others.

The mains things that they attacked were:

  • The blogosphere friendship of the popular blogs. They were oh so friendly that it would become sick.
  • The repetition of topics. If there was an alert on the Diabetic association ( actually happened), Boom! Every popular blog would advertise this information.
  • The way of living. They tended to influence readers to join them on their endless running around the block or granola eating until you puck.
  • The posts where the purpose was only to advertise a product. There are now new rule that tries to make it mandatory for bloggers to specify when they are doing advertisements.
  • The constant rubbing in your face that you are winning a lot of money from advertisements that you can go to the best hotels, spas, and so one( usually it’s also free. All it takes is some pictures of the family by the hotel pool having a blast)

I agreed and laughed with most of the sarcastic posts. It was all so ridiculous. They were selling themselves so cheap.

Ever since I own a blog, I stopped reading these blogs altogether. The popular ones because I’m fed up with so many advertisements. The sarcastic ones because I feel bad for laughing at another person’s hard working blog, even if it’s filled with crap that I don’t like or respect.

I’ve developed a blog conscious.



3 thoughts on “Blog Conscious

    • Unfortunately that is very popular here among the female bloggers. They just get freebies and then write a wonderful review about the product.There are some that I really enjoyed when they were not famous, and then they went downhill due to this greed. But the truth is that it is their blogs, so they should do what they want.If one doesn’t like it, one doesn’t read it. Making fun is actually cruel.
      The funny thing is that I just stopped reading the sarcastic blogs on the very day I started my blog. I didn’t even think about it. I just didn’t feel right anymore.

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