Anesthesia for my ears

“Piropo” in portuguese is what we call a flirtation remark usually regarding te physical features of someone. Usually it’s between people who don’t know each other very well, or nothing at all. I went to look for the translation for English and I found two things:

1- “Piropo” only exists in Spanish, not portuguese. I’m not sure if this is truth or if google just thinks that Spain and Portugal are one and the same. Unfortunately I have no Portuguese dictionary at my place.
2 – “Piropo” is translated to English as a compliment or Catcalls.
Excuse me? A compliment? I don’t take a “piropo” as a compliment. I take it an unwanted remark from someone who should have remained quiet.
In circa 2013, there was a huge debate here in Portugal to analyse whether this should be considered sexual harassment or not.
For me it is sexual harassment. Sometimes it’s so excessive that a woman cannot walk down the street without being approached several times by men. I’m confused to what are they trying to accomplish when they say stuff like this (I’m just mentioning some soft ones):

  • Nice legs! At what time do they open?
  • Your mother must have been an oyster to spit out a pearl like you.
  • I wish you were a gum so that I could eat you all day
  • With you it would be until we found oil!
  • Such nice pants that you are wearing today. They would look nice in my bedroom floor.


Are we suppose to stop everything and run into the arms of who said this? Because what’s more attractive than a men (it’s mostly men, but women do this do) that is in a group of friends and says this to complete stranger that is passing by and then laughs it off with his friends?

Some say that when we stop hearing this on the streets, it’s when we should be worried. Probably the logic is that we are not attractive at all, since the people who take about anyone no longer drools at us.

imagescatcall 3
Whenever I walk around the city, I make sure that my MP3 is fully charged, so I can put my earphones one and pretend that I can’t hear anything. And I’m not even that pretty! I think that if I put a skirt on my dog and make her walk about in the city, it would be the exact same thing!
It’s something that is unwelcome. I feel like I am being undressed unwillingly and I like to be the one who choses who undresses me!


It’s not a compliment! It’s sexual harassment! It won’t get you anywhere! Please Stop.


6 thoughts on “Anesthesia for my ears

  1. It’s unfortunate that this has happened to you, especially as quite a few women encourage that. They feel they are being complimented and that they’re attractive. I grew up in a country where women of my body type, tall, slender, flat chested are not considered physically attractive. I felt safe walking down the street in tiny shorts. I felt a freedom in having no one notice me. I did not think there was something wrong with me, though. Men will treat us with respect when we start doing that for ourselves. Piropos will stop when women stop relying on them as a measure for their self worth.

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    • I agree with you. Some women do encourage this kind of behaviour and feel worthless without it. Unfortunately, men think that every would like to hear a compliment, even a nasty one, because we our main goal in life is to be attractive to men, right?! And if we complain we don’t obviously like men. Humpf! :/
      I say men, because this is really a behaviour I see most on men. But women also do this. Fortunately not that many!

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