Blogging starts here – Day 1

I’ve registered in Blogging 101 and it starts today! I feel like I should have starting with this course, instead of having already writing for more than a month.

The first assignment is to introduce myself.

So….my name is not Somhodie. I just use that because I don’t really want to feel restricted in my writing. Only two very important people know that this is my blog.

The idea of writing a blog actually started on a conversation with Wanderer Wannabe on which we decided that it would be great to have a blog where we could share our different perspectives on the same subjects. After some days, I decided to try out writing by myself and I created this Blog.

One of the issues that I have is to find my focus. I feel that I’m all over the place, without concentrating on any specific topic. From what I’ve been reading that’s a No No for blogs. My goal is to write about everything and nothing at all, and find people who I can share opinions with.

From this last month and a half, I find that having a blog and writing about stuff, helps me think through my life and the decisions that I have to make. It really has helped me find the core issues in my life and try to express them.

So, Hi Everyone! Nice to meet you all! Let’s do this 😀

Blogging U.





12 thoughts on “Blogging starts here – Day 1

  1. “One of the issues that I have is to find my focus. I feel that I’m all over the place, without concentrating on any specific topic.”

    This is one of my major issues too. I have so many hobbies, jobs, skills. I want to share them all, and talk about them all, since they all contribute to making me who I am and my blog is supposed to be about me, right? Focus is good, though.

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    • That’s what I feel too 🙂 Too many things to talk about and for me it’s all about my mood swings. There are days that I really want to write about one things and then others that I want to discuss other serious issues. 🙂


  2. What?!? I loved this. I also plan to write about lots of different things. And I also read that is a no-no for blogs. Here’s to breaking the rules! Excited to read your future posts!


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