Walking around…..really nearby…in Odeceixe

This week, I’ve decided to stay close by and show you Odeceixe, a beautiful place in the south of Portugal.

If you haven’t been to the Algarve, instead of going directly to Albufeira or Vilamoura, the hip places to be, just relax, rent a Jeep and put your hikers boots on. Go into the wild and find some crazy beautiful places that are not crowed with….well….everyone! From foreign tourists to our reluctant visitors from the north (It’s usual to see them at the beach everyday for about two weeks in August. They are really simple to spot. They are in packs of 6, no less, take their beer from the blue icebox, smoke constantly on the beach and complain loudly how the Algarve sucks and that everyone is deluded to come there….but return every single summer), the Algarve really gets full in Summertime.

The beach of Odeceixe is lovely wild but at the same time, it has everything that you need. One side of the beach is tumultuous and has big waves for the ones who prefer to do water sports. The other side, has a river, that is so calm that you can relax and just watch your kids play from your towel. You get the best of two places in one beach, actually.


20150725_105707 20150722_154608








3 thoughts on “Walking around…..really nearby…in Odeceixe

  1. Gorgeous photos! The only (ocean) beach I’ve ever seen is Galveston, Texas, and it isn’t much of one. I’d love to travel there, once the kids are grown up and out of the house anyways. I can’t imagine trying to wrangle all six on a beach!

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    • I’d imagine that it would really be tricky to travel with 6 kids. But if you ever come here, this beach is really appropriate with the kids 🙂 It’s one of the few in the Algarve that there is actually room for people.


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