Who cares?

I was reading and article about the sexual orientations that are out there. ( If you by any chance read Portuguese here is the link to that: http://observador.pt/2015/11/02/os-n-sexuais-8-caracterizacoes-sexuais-menos-conhecidas/ )

So we have the known heterosexual, Homosexual and Bisexual. Then after Miley Cyrus, we are getting a lot of people coming out as Pansexual, which is defined by not being limited to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.

Here go more:

Polysexual – it appears that this is the attraction to multiple gender s sexes.

Solosexual – are the ones that don’t feel any attraction for other people, but only for themselves. As the name indicates, they perform solo. By this doesn’t mean that they are alone. They can perform solo in groups.

Skoliosexual – a potential sexual attraction to non-binary identified individuals. I don’t really understand this one…..

Asexual – They don’t feel sexual attraction. At all.

Graysexual – They fluctuate between asexual and sexual.

Demisexual- They only feel sexual attraction if they have a strong emotional connection with someone.

Sapiosexual – These are the ones that feel sexual attraction to intelligence

I hate labels actually. And I don’t really understand the purpose. Why is there a need to be inserted specifically into a group of people?!

I like people. I don’t like them based on their appearance only so it’s really stupid to say that I only like men. If I like a person is because of what she/he is. So, I can feel attraction to anyone really. How can someone say that attraction or love or whatever, isn’t based on looks but personality and then say that they only like men or women. You like the person! Who cares in which body?!

What I’m not sure is why I find men more attractive. I struggle to understand whether if it was due to education since I was raised to believe that men and women are supposed to be together, or if it’s just my preference. Because even though I don’t want to belong to any of the groups mentioned, I have my preferences. I prefer Intelligent Latin men. But who’s to say that I won’t fall one day for someone completely different.

Human beings like Sex (apart from the asexual ones). Either alone or with other people (Please don’t remind me that there are people who like animals).

We need to get over ourselves, get over these labels that just restrict us. Who cares? Let’s just be free!



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