The Sins of the Beast Gabriel Knight

I’ve decided to give it another go to the Gabriel Knight series. I’ve loved them so much in the past that I was wondering if I’d still feel the same way. And since I had just came across the new redone first game, I decided to start off with that.

Attention spoilers ahead!!

Gabriel Knight 1 – Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition

1_New look

The first thing I thought was that it looked great. I was able to distinguish objects on the scenarios, which sometimes was kind of difficult with pixel blocks. The video sequences are great.

You can check for yourself the differences between Gabriel’s bookstore from the old and the new edition:

G1 20th anni VS olfd

Further down the game, I became annoyed with the controls and the way that Gabriel walks. I’ve also didn’t appreciate to be locked in the set. In the old game we were free to explore several sites before we could actually do anything on them. I felt free. On this one, I could go exactly where I had to go. No more and no less.

The game also had several glitches that made me load previous saved games or just redo what I had just done.

Then I got to the park part which has a sequence that we must do with a mime and a cop on a bike. The mime has to follow you. It took me so damn time to correctly get the mime to follow me till the cop. He’d get distracted with everything, and since the walking part is rather slow, it seemed that it took forever. I eventually got it and he mime distracted the cop as I wanted. But then the game just stopped due to a glitch and I missed the opportunity to complete the puzzle. And since I didn’t have a close enough saved game I just quit.

I hate glitchy games. It’s really annoying. And they already had the time to redo it properly. Why does it still have problems?

I also appreciated the art of the new scenarios, but it seemed that it was missing some soul on it. So I came back to the original one.

Gabriel Knight 1 – Sins of the Fathers Original Version

This one I was able to finish, even though I had some difficulties on some pixel huntings. It is still a great game. I loved the story, the whole environment that seems that we are really in New Orleans, and also the voices from the characters. Gabriel was great at his macho men good-looking guy part. I also think that the relationship with Grace was portrayed in a believable and funny way. She didn’t have a relevant part on this game, but she was memorable.

The music is good and the graphics are fine for that time.

The puzzles are a little annoying in some parts. How the hell should I solve the clock puzzle without a walk through?

I also used a walk through to finish the game. I felt rather stupid doing so, but actually I wouldn’t be able to finish it since I kept dying! I hate dying in these games! But at least it made sense, not like in other games such as King’s quest, where you almost die of just sneezing…..

All in all I still loved the game. It was great getting to know more about New Orleans and the story of Voodoo.

Gabriel Knight 2 – The Beast Within

2, cover

Right after finishing GK 1, I started GK2. And the first though was “WTH, bring me back my pixels!” Who in the world thought that Full Motion Video was a good idea??? Come on, raise our hand so I can spank you!

The things that annoyed me:

First of all, Gabriel seems to me like a caricature portrait of the Americans that we see on the movies. Seriously, his looks and way of speaking just got me on my nerves.


What the hell happened to Grace?? On the first game, she was sarcastic in a funny way. Now she’s a bitch. She annoys the crap out of me. If I were Gerde, I would have sent her to find a hotel. She is just so nasty and jealous without any reason what so ever.

2 grace

About Gerde, in the first episode I got the feeling she was older, sitting down peeling potatoes for days. Here she is a blond assistant to the Schattenjäger, who spends days sitting at her desk…..probably with some potatoes hidden in the drawers.

gerde 1 and 2

What’s up with the German outfits? You cannot tell me that they use the traditional outfit every day! I’ve been there and besides Oktoberfest, I haven’t seen anyone with those clothes. And what’s up with all the rain coats?! It didn’t even rain!


I have a feeling that the developers of this game were severely mistreated when they were in Germany. They depict the German characters with such rude features. The guy at the Gasthof at Rittersberg looks snotty and sarcastic. The one from the town hall just dismisses Grace’s effort for German and told her to speak English. The woman from the Ludwig’s Museum! She was nasty and made fun of the way Grace tried to speak German. Hey at least she tried!

I suspect that Germans feel about this game as I feel about the movie Love Actually and the portrait of Portuguese there. It’s rather insulting! In some other life, Jennings suffered at the hands of the Germans.

I also felt that they just threw a sex scene in there just because the game was missing a fling. The beginning of episode 5 was rather disturbing.

2 awkard

Von Glower is a very generous man and it appears he likes to share his ladies. Because ladies are just objects happily willing to be shared around men. ANYWAY…moving on….

The ending puzzles, what despair they were! The Opera, the smelling around and closing the doors. Just kill me already. Put my wolf out of my misery!

And then I didn’t even get to finish. I was unable to make my wolf jump at the correct timing Sierra wanted me to. I tried so many times that I got tired of watching Grace nod her head. I even put my game screen next to a youtube video so I could watch the exact moment that I had to jump onto Von Glower. Still couldn’t. I just watched the ending scene on youtube and that’s that.

Things I liked:

I like that they have everything in German and then the translation on English.

I liked the München parts and absolutely loved Neuschawanstein. I’ve been there myself after playing this game and it is crazy how some parts are so similar.

reality game

The music was the absolute best.

The story was good. Werewolves were the hip trend few years ago, but I still enjoyed it. It was great to travel around Germany and learn more about King Ludwig II.


After finishing the game, I have mixed feelings. I remember quite well truly madly deeply enjoying the game, even with the annoying stupid graphics. I can’t say the same now. Gabriel irritated me. I was expecting a womanizer, selfish but brave Schattenjägger and I got bozo, the clown.

Grace was annoying half of the game, the other was ok. I couldn’t really appreciate the sense of belonging that she had with Gabriel. On the first game, it was a normal relationship, and while she enjoyed doing research, it wasn’t as fanatical as on this one. I just wanted to kick her groupie ass out of the game.

I still found the story great. The connections between characters were done beautifully. I just hated the fact that there were no subtitles and I couldn’t speed up the whole dialogue. Sometimes I would fast forward a dialogue, just because I wanted them to finish the sentences faster, and I ended up with the whole scene skipped.

The high score of this game is the Baron! He’s just great! 😀 Can Von Baron be the Schattenjäger, pretty please?


´von glowervon glower and bozo

Not like Gabriel the Bozo….I have no idea why they put him like that. The real actor is actually handsome:

gabe gabe 2

My personal conclusion was that you should never go back where you have been happy. It isn’t the same the second time around.


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