The Joys of Motherhood Part 4

Playing with my daughter can be a very stressful moment. She is more on the despotism side than democracy, so our playtime carries on more or less like this:

My Daughter – Mum, come play with Legos.

Me – Sure,let’s build something.

M.D. – Yes, let’s build a birthday cake!

Me – Hmm. Sure.

M.D. – Ok, I’ll do the cake you take care of the candles. Use the giraffe, the man and the dog.

Me – Hmmm. Ok. Sure. So, the giraffe will go here.

M.D. – NOOOOOOO! I’ve told you to go get the candles. Not to put them.

Me – Hmmm.ok, ok. So, now I have the candles. Now what?

M.D. – Put the candles on the cake.

Me – Ok, so I’ll put the dog here…..

M.D. – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the dog is not first!!

Me – I wasn’t aware of the rules. Ok, who goes first?

M.D. (sighing annoyed )– The giraffe Mum!!

Me – Well duh, of course! Ok, so the giraffe goes here.

M.D. –NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUM! It’s not there!

Me – Is there a specific place that I need to put each candle?

M.D. – Nevermind I’ll do it. Just give me the animals!

Me (regretting saying yes to this playtime) – Ok, here they are.

M.D. – Now the candles are correctly in place. Now you need to blow the candles mum!

Me – Sure. That I can do!(I start to blow the candles)

M.D. – MUMMMMMMMMMM NO!!!! The dog needs to be first! Then the giraffe. Them the man.

Me– But shouldn’t I be the one to chose how to blow the candles?! It’s my birthday cake,isn’t it?!

M.D. – Yes, but you need to do things correctly.

Me – For Pete’s Sake……Fine! There, the dog is out. Now the giraffe. Finally the man.

M.D. – Good Mum, Very good! You did it!

HUMPF! Great. Now I need a glass of wine.



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