Blogging 101 Day 9 or Love is like a Taylor Swift song

Today’s assignment: write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog!

Yestesday I left a coment on this sweet post from this lovely blog:

It was such a simple comment but it was heartfelt. Why did I chose this one to be the comment I want to write a post about?

It actually reminded me of a conversation that I had recently with a friend of mine… about THE ONES. You know…that one person in our life that made such an impression that we just know that we will always have a soft spot for them.

She had just been contacted by her THE ONE and she was afraid that it would hurt her boyfriend’s feelings to have coffee with him.

I don’t think that having coffee with THE ONE will necessarily make you jump onto his lap and leave your boyfriend, but I do understand where he might have issues. I think I would too.

I also have one THE ONE. I’m not quite sure whether my boyfriend has one though. I hope not. And if so, I would persuade him to befriend her once again. The power in THE ONE is actually what might have been and the idea that we remember of that person. Probably if we got along with them, we wouldn’t still be thinking What If.

Do I wonder? Do I think What if? I have to be honest. If I do it’s for a nano second. But I do have a soft spot for our story, but not him actually.

We had love at first time. I went to a concert to meet a guy and then I locked my eyes with this one, and I totally forgot anyone else. Literally. I remembered a year later that I went to that concert because I was supposed to meet the other one that turned out to be my THE ONE’s best friend. Really….I still feel bad for this. How on earth could I forget a person?!

It was the best of times. We were in so in love that is was disgusting. (Insert Taylor Swift’s Love Story music here)


We fell apart because I went to university far away and as he was older, he had his life already settled in his home town. I was young and didn’t understand why he just couldn’t be with me all the time.

We parted ways and I didn’t forget about this feeling that I shared with him.

Along the years he always found me in the few social media that I use. I don’t really feel anything about that. That love was young, pure and sincere. But it was something that I can’t do anymore. I grew up and forgot how to believe in fairy tales (Again, Taylor Swift keeps running through my head with her “White Horse” lyrics. What’s up with me and Taylor today?!).


I would never trade a minute of my life with my boyfriend and the father of my daughter for something with him. Our love had its time and now it’s gone. We can’t go back and I can’t change who I am now. And who I am doesn’t love him anymore.


Blogging U.



7 thoughts on “Blogging 101 Day 9 or Love is like a Taylor Swift song

  1. Excellent and well articulated. Long distance has a way of affecting a lot in a relationship and when the break lingers for a long time, it is sometimes extremely difficult, especially for single partners to get back together because they have grown apart. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

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