The Sword is not Broken – Review


Not many spoilers ahead but still approach with caution

So I have a problem. I’ve recently signed up to and now I receive newsletters of the Sales. The last one I received was about sales to celebrate the Fall or whatever, and I bought the whole series of Broken Sword! This is getting serious…..

So as I had already mentioned on the previous:

I’m not that big fan of Broken Sword. I appreciate but didn’t love them. Now that I have the complete series, I’m hoping to change my mind.

Against my typical behavior I started from the last release of the series:

The Serpent’s Curse

bs cover

We meet again the American George Stobbart and the pretty Frenchwoman Nico Collard. I remember in the past, not feeling a connection with these characters, and on this game this wasn’t an exception. I actually enjoyed Nico more, but George stayed bland.

We start with a murder and a theft of a painting called the Le Malediccio. As we can imagine, the painting turns out to be more than expected, with an obscure dark significance.


I love cartoonish games! Off with 3D and all of those high tech stuff. Bring me back 2D and cartoons!

All of the places that we get to visit are beautifully colorful.I loved it.



It is a basic point of click, which is fine by me. That’s how I like that. None of those stuff of keyboard + mouse. I’m an old-fashioned gal.


I found them easy. But that’s just something that I noticing in recent games. It appears that developers don’t want the gamers to stay stuck for long. In this game, we have complete hints. They appear in a style that I was already used to with UHS hints (not sure if you know this), and are only used if we wish too. But still, too damn easy.

Also, at any time George explains us what we need to do by speaking with himself or Nico. We can do no wrong. We can’t go to a place before the games wants us to. We can’t do an action before we are supposed to do. We are merely a pawn in this game.



It felt like another Broken Sword game to me, from what I recall. It seems that it all ends up in using a map or a painting to solve the quest. We just need to follow the leads there. Which is fine. Just not surprising. I found the whole story about the Agnostics and the Dominicans extremely interesting and I ended up googling it to understand if it was really true. It’s great that it is.


All in all

I really enjoyed the game. I wasn’t expecting to like it that much. I loved the pace of the game, the dialogues, the switching from Nico to George and the re- encounter of familiar faces ( Yes Goat, this is with you) and places (Nico’s apartment). Really surprising for them to do a game like this in this day and age. Nowadays it seems that everything needs to be over the top and this one seems just about right.


I’ll be playing the rest of the Broken Swords in due time.


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