The Thief of Joy


I feel like this quote reflects exactly how I am. I think my biggest flaw is always comparing everything I do and how I live to others.

Every time I do this, I end up feeling down. In my mind, I would be totally happy if…… (add here whatever you want. Everything goes.).

This thinking always prevents me from doing something that I want to do. For example, I always thought of writing. But every time I read something I think ‘Come on! You’ll never be able to write something like that! Stick with the things you can really do!’

And probably I won’t be any good at writing, but the point is I never tried. I always compare myself to others and end up getting the short straw. What I should think is that, even though I could never be exactly like the person I am comparing myself to, it’s fine to be me.

I always thought of myself as realistic, but maybe I’m really a pessimist.

These are the things that I need to write on my blackboard several times, just like Bart Simpson:

  • My daughter is beautiful in every way.
  • I have a lovely partner, who I sometimes don’t give enough credit.
  • I have a tiring but sweet dog.
  • I’m healthy.
  • My family gets along well with each other, as much as possible. And are always there to help anyone in need.
  • I have a nice apartment, even though it’s not a house with a garden.
  • I have a job that pays more than the bills, and even if I don’t really like it, it does the trick while I look for something else.
  • I have nice colleagues at work that are becoming my friends.
  • I have nice and cool friends.
  • I have days that I’m feeling down and hate everything, but most of all I’m happy.


  • I’m happy I’m happy I’m happy.

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